Cable TV

Cable TV @ Columbia


CUIT provides Cable TV service on the Morningside campus in Columbia undergraduate housing common spaces, academic and administrative buildings.

Subscription service is available in Lenfest.

Columbia Undergraduate Housing

Columbia Housing and Columbia University Information Technology (CUIT) provide cable TV service, in the lounges of Broadway, Carman, Furnald, John Jay, McBain, River, Ruggles, Schapiro and Wallach, the suite lounges of Hartley, East Campus (not flats), and Hogan, and in the apartments in Watt and Woodbridge.

Cable TV service is not available in individual student bedrooms for undergraduates.

CU Academic and Administrative Buildings

CUIT provides the same CUtv channel lineup in Dodge Physical Fitness Center, Earl Hall, Hamilton, Jerome Green, Kraft Center, Lerner, Lewisohn, Low Library, IAB, S.W. Mudd, Uris, W. C. Warren Hall and W. & J. Warren Hall.


CUIT provides limited cable service in Barnard Hall, Milbank Hall and Sulzberger Hall.

The system can support many video options for academic or administrative departments and can deliver the information to a standard, cable-ready television in a residence hall, administrative office, or classroom.

University Apartment Housing and other residences

Students living in University Apartment Housing, 47 Claremont, the Brownstones, Carleton Arms, Fairholm, Harmony Hall, or other buildings where CUtv is not provided above can contact Time Warner Cable directly by calling 800-652-2253 or visiting Time Warner's website.