ColumbiaNet Kiosk Stations


ColumbiaNet kiosks (also known as Cnet stations) are often used for quick access to services for short periods of time. Please send email to askcuit with your questions or comments about Cnet stations.

Morningside Campus Buildings

Alfred Lerner Hall100-East8
Butler LibraryEntrance Lobby4
203 Reading Room2
208 Reading Room4
214 Coffee Lounge4
300-Level Circulation Desk4
301 Reading Room10
303 Reading Room1
310 Reading Room2
401 Reading Room2
403 Reading Room3
406 Reading Room2
502 Reading Room1
503 Reading Room1
504 Reading Room1
602 Reading Room1
607 Reading Room1
654 Library1
Dodge GymEntrance Lobby1
Dodge Hall6th Floor1
Earl HallLobby2
Int'l & Public Affairs300-Level Lehman Library6
IAB 3021
I.S.S.O100 Level1
Kent Hall2nd Floor Lobby12
Kraft Center300-Level Lounge3
Lewisohn300-Level Public Lounge2
Mudd Engineering4th Floor Lobby8
Pupin Hall500-Level Hall2
Schermerhorn Hall601 Library1
Social Work000-Level2
400-Level Hall2
500-Level Hall4
Studebaker400 Level2
Watson Hall1st Floor Lobby1

Morningside Campus Residence Halls

Residence HallLocationUnits
600 W 113th StEntrance Lobby1
BroadwayEntrance Lobby2
Carman1st Floor2
Claremont1st Floor1
East Campus2nd Floor Lounge2
 6th Floor Lounge2
Furnald1st Floor Lobby2
Hartley1st Floor entrance2
Harmony Hall1st Floor entrance1
John JayEntrance Lobby2
Schapiro HallEntrance Lobby2
Wallach HallRoom 1252
Wien Hall1st Floor Lounge2