Email Services

Email Services

CUIT provides email service to the Columbia University community of students, faculty and staff. The service includes automatic backups of mail stored on our servers, support for secure protocols for sending and retrieving mail, and extensive spam-filtering.

CUIT has three mail systems:

  1. CubMail – a free system for students, faculty and staff. If you are a LionMail user (see below), you should no longer be using CubMail.
  2. Exchange – a fee-based Microsoft mail system used mainly by administrative staff.
  3. LionMailColumbia’s new email system powered by Google.

LionMail is available to students in the following schools:

  • Columbia College
  • Engineering and Applied Sciences (undergraduates and Masters students only)
  • General Studies
  • Continuing Education
  • Journalism
  • Law School
  • Architecture, Planning and Preservation
  • Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (non-Medical fields)
  • International Policy and Public Affairs

In addition, faculty and staff from various schools and departments have moved to LionMail, including the Office of Alumni and Development, School of the Arts staff, Continuing Education faculty, and faculty and staff in the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation.

CUIT continues to have discussions with individual schools on how LionMail may fit in with their email requirements.

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