Download Cyberduck

1. Visit the Cyberduck web site and download 4.2.1. This version works with OS X 10.5 or later.

2. Double click on to unzip the file.

3. Copy the unzipped Cyberduck application into the Application folder.

4. Double click on Cyberduck to launch the application.


Configure Cyberduck

1. Click the sign in the lower left corner of the screen to configure it for Columbia University.

2. Click on the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) drop down menu and choose SFTP (SSL File Transfer Protocol).

Nickname: Columbia


Username: UNI

3. Close the window. A Columbia SFTP icon will be added to the Cyberduck start screen.

4. Double click on the Columbia SFTP icon to connect.

5. Enter your UNI and Password in order to establish a connection and click Login.