Email Vacation Messages

Vacation messages are automatic responses sent to people when they email you. If you use Exchange, you can set up an out-of-office message in Outlook. If you use LionMail, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and choose settings. Under the General tab, scroll down to the Vacation Responder to set up your vacation message. If you use CubMail, use the following instructions to set up your vacation message in INGO. Vacation does not work on forwarded email. Set up your vacation message on the email system you forward to.

Setting a vacation message in INGO for Cubmail:

1. Go to and log in.

2. Choose Vacation.

3. 'My email addresses' will contain your address. Add any other addresses that deliver to, if you want Vacation to reply when those addresses get mail.

4. 'Addresses to not send responses to' can be blank.  Use this to make sure some senders do not get your Vacation message.

5. 'Do not send responses to bulk or list messages' should be checked. Normally Vacation replies should not be sent to mailing lists.

6. 'Number of days between vacation replies' tells Vacation how long to wait before replying again to the same sender.  7 days is standard.

7. 'Subject of vacation message' is the Subject line of the reply.

8. 'Reason' is the text of the reply.

9. Click 'Save'.  This does not enable Vacation.  It saves all the settings from steps 3 to 8.

10. Click 'Filter Rules' at the top of the screen.  On that page, click the red X after 'Vacation'.  When it changes to a green check, Vacation is enabled.