Pine is an email program for UNIX systems.

Please note: CUIT has begun a project to migrate all email on the Cyrus system to LionMail (Google Apps for Education). Pine is not supported for LionMail, and will no longer be provided once Cyrus/CubMail is retired.

CUIT currently supports Pine on the UNIX cluster. To connect to the UNIX clusters, you must run a secure telnet program on your computer.

Pine and Cubmail both use IMAP to access your email. You can read your email either of these ways and get the same view of all the same mail folders. You can also choose to read your Cyrus email using other imap clients.

Remember that your computer is not running Pine. Your computer is running a secure telnet program to connect to the UNIX or Pine cluster, and the computer you connect to is running Pine. If you send or receive attachments, Pine can send and save files to your account. 

Since 2008 Pine is also known as Alpine. Alpine is a completely rewritten version of the old Pine software. Pine and Alpine were written at the University of Washington where there is an Alpine Information Center with more information. CUIT supports Pine only on the UNIX and Pine clusters.

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