SAS is an integrated system of software products provided by the SAS Institute, Inc. that enables programmers to perform data entry, data management, statistical analysis, forecasting, quality improvement analysis, project management tasks, data warehousing and decision support. SAS runs on Windows and Linux environments. It does not run on OSX. We sell SAS for 64 bit only.

SAS is licensed under Columbia's discounted pricing agreement with SAS Institute and is available only to current Columbia University affiliates. The software is not available to alumni.

Clients purchasing SAS are responsible for the installation and correct use of the product, as well as understanding hardware and operating system requirements.

Columbia University Medical Center affiliates should send email to for assistance with SAS .

How to Obtain SAS Licenses

Columbia University students should visit the CUIT Walk-In Center at 202 Philosophy Hall.  Please bring your Columbia University ID and be prepared to provide your PID number, the C number you can find in SSOL. You will receive a USB key with the software

Faculty and staff should submit an online request and provide a chart string for payment.

We can send an invoice for departments or individuals that are unable to provide a chart string. 

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about the payment process. Once you have submitted a request, you can pick up the SAS USB key at 202 Philosophy Hall.

All sales are final. Returns or refunds will not be accepted.

Pricing for the 2015-16 License Period

1-9 copies - $185 per license
10-19 copies - $125 per license
20-49 copies - $106 per license
50-99 - $95 per license
100 or more - $85 per license

  • One license is the equivalent of either one computer (laptop, desktop) or a single Unix processor.
  • The price is fixed and cannot be pro-rated. The software will not run after the license expires. To get the best possible results and avoid any risk of downtime, please make sure to purchase a renewal at least one month before your license expires.

License Validity Dates

The SAS license is valid for a one year period, from September 1 through August 31. SAS has a 90 day grace period.


Documentation is not included with the media and must be purchased separately through third parties. Please check availability at the Columbia Bookstore or by visiting the vendors' website: SAS Install Center