Site Licensing Policy

Site License Distribution Policies

There are certain policies in place for all licenses procured through CUIT and others that are specific to particular products. The general policies are categorized as follows:

1. Licensee Responsibilities:

  1. The licensee is responsible for his/her own installation and setup. You must NOT install more copies of the software than you pay for.
  2. Any infringement of the license policies becomes the responsibility of the licensee and not Columbia University.

2. Bulk and individual Purchases

Site licenses offered by CUIT are available at a discounted price if purchased in bulk. The conditions for reduced-priced bulk purchases are as follows:

For Bulk Purchases:
  1. Bulk purchases must be made in quantities of 20 or more licenses.
  2. All copies must be purchased at the same time.
  3. Installations must be administered entirely by the person who has licensed the copies (or a departmental affiliate designated by them).
  4. One set of media is included with the purchase. Any additional requested media will be charged to the departmental ARC ChartString.
For Individual Purchases (1-19 Licenses):

All individual license purchases will be distributed through the Columbia University Bookstore. The exception to this is Matlab which is downloaded from the vendor site. 

3. Proration Pricing Policy

Software will not be pro-rated, either by price or by duration. For best use and to avoid down time, please plan to complete purchases about a month before a license's annual period expires.

4. Support Issues

CUIT provides these licenses as a service to the Columbia community. The Licensees are responsible for their own installation, as well for maintaining their own hardware and ensuring the appropriate operating system is being used.

5. Software Supported Versions/Releases

Only the most current version/release for a given type of software will be distributed. CUIT does not maintain older, archived versions. Licensees are responsible for ensuring their queries and models remain compatible with the latest version/release.