Storage Space

Storage Space for Email

Email accounts on the Columbia email system (accessed via the web with Cubmail) start at 1 GB. Additional space, as needed, is available free upon request.

Email accounts on the Microsoft Exchange system for administrative staff start at 250 MB. Additional space is available on the Exchange server for $10 per month per 250 MB.

To check your Cubmail quota, log directly into the application. Please remember that Cyrus and CubMal will be retired sometime in 2015.


Storage Space for Personal Web Pages

Each ID also includes space on the CUIT UNIX system for storing personal web files and other non-email files. This space is separate from the email space on the main Columbia system. Non-email space quotas are as follows:

  • Columbia and Barnard undergraduates: 40MB
  • Columbia graduate and professional school students, including Teachers College and UTS: 20MB. Upgraded accounts: 40mb for the current semester
  • Faculty, TAs, and student instructors: 80MB
  • Staff: 20MB


  1. If you have a question or issue related to your storage space, please contact the CUIT Service Desk via email at or by calling 212-854-1919.
  2. TAs and student instructors should have the faculty member or department for whom they are working request a free TA account (80MB) for them if more CUIT UNIX space is needed.