Student Email Aliases

All students on the Morningside Campus (with the exception of Social Work students) are automatically assigned an email alias that more closely matches their name.

For example, if George J. Jetson has:
UNI gjj3587
email address,
then he is also assigned the email alias,
Email addressed to and is delivered to the same mailbox.
The email alias is never used to log into any online services.
The login process for all University services continues to use solely the UNI and its password.
To view your student email alias or to indicate that you want this address displayed in the online directory, visit the Manage My UNI page. Then click on "Student Email Alias". You may also use this page to change your address back to the format in the online directory.
Note: Your Email alias delivers mail to the same place as You should never forward your Email to your Email alias!