313 Hamilton

Instructor's Electronic Podium

313 Hamilton is a lecture room with seating for 22 students and can handle most multimedia applications. The instructor's equipment is enclosed in a stationary cabinet.

The equipment available to the instructor includes a ceiling-mounted Eiki Data projector. Video is displayed on a screen at the front of the room. The podium contains the various electronic resources available to the instructor. These include a Dell Optiplex Pentium, a VCR and a DVD player (that doubles as a CD player). The Dell has a built-in CD-ROM drive and an Ethernet network connection for digital presentations.

A room customized touch-panel controls the multimedia experience including the audio visual equipment and the physical room environment (program volume).

  • A key is not required for this podium.

Equipment Available to the Instructor

  • ePodium
  • PC
  • Auxiliary RCA
  • DVD
  • Laptop connection (Audio, Ethernet and VGA located on top of podium)
  • Projector