558 Schermerhorn

558 Schermerhorn is one of two electronic classrooms on the 500 level of Schermerhorn. 558 Schermerhorn is a collaborative electronic classroom with 15 student stations but can be shared by up to 30 students. There is also one adjustable station providing access for the disabled. A high-speed printer using the PawPrint Printing System also resides in the room. The instructor's equipment is enclosed in a stationary cabinet. The classroom also serves as a computer lab when classes are not scheduled for the room.

  • A key is not required for this podium.

Instructor's Electronic Podium

The equipment available to the instructor includes a ceiling-mounted projector. Video is displayed on a screen at the front of the room. The podium contains the various electronic resources available to the instructor, including a Mac, VCR and DVD player. The Mac has an Ethernet network connection for digital presentations.

A room customized touch-panel controls the multimedia experience including the audio visual equipment and the physical room environment (program volume).

Student Computers

Fifteen Macs with 27" Apple displays are available for students. Students can use the printer situated in the room or any other CUIT location through the PawPrint printing system. Student's desks are set up around the periphery of the room. Large tables in the center of the room provide ample space for demonstrations and class discussions. One student station has a movable desktop to accommodate students with special access needs.

Equipment Available to Instructor

  • ePodium
  • Mac
  • VCR
  • DVD
  • Laptop connection (Audio, Ethernet and VGA located on top of podium)
  • Projector