Automatic Call Distribution — ACD

Access to the call routing tool for Columbia University service desks and IT groups.

Also known as Help Desk phone system, ININ, Interactive Intelligence

CUIT offers Interactive Intelligence (ININ), an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and Call Processing (CP) application that directs your incoming calls to either designated in-house or off-campus phone lines. Callers can choose from the self-service phone menu to route their calls to the correct help destination. This package has detailed statistical reporting and recorded business conversation recall, making it ideal for service desks and help centers.

The legacy Rolm Automatic Call Distribution/Call Processing system is being phased out and replaced with ININ.

Automatic Call Distribution

The ACD package is used by departments with mid to high level call volumes in tandem with the CP package. This feature can be tailored to a multi-agent environment and automatically selects and distributes the next incoming call to the agent who has been available for the longest period of time. This package involves the purchase of agent and supervisor licenses. It is a desktop driven application that requires a desktop client.

The desktop client requires users to log in daily to activate the client and telephone. This feature allows supervisors to monitor and coach agent activity in real time, and provides robust statistical reports that detail agent and group performance.

Call Processing

The CP package can be used in a non-ACD environment, or along with an ACD environment. The feature comes with a recorded script that allows your customers to direct their own calls to the proper destination. The pre-defined destinations can be other internal departments or schools, or off-campus destinations. This package requires the purchase of at least one Supervisor license for access to statistical reports and the recorder application.

ININ Applications

Interaction Supervisor

Interaction Supervisor provides the ININ supervisor or manager with access to robust statistical reporting, and the ability to monitor agent and workgroup activity in real time. Supervisors and managers can review and gauge total call volumes throughout the day, month, week or year. Having the information on call trends and patterns gives managers the ability to provide appropriate staff coverage throughout the day.

In an ACD environment, statistical reporting provides the call center manager with the appropriate tools for coaching agents. The agent performance report provides the number of calls answered by each individual agent, as well as other call details. Reports are also available to measure overall team performance.

Interaction Center Business Manager

Interaction Center Business Manager (ICBM) records and stores  business conversations. Recorder Recall gives supervisors and managers the ability to listen to recorded business conversations between staff and callers. All calls into the main departmental line are recorded when answered by an agent. Outgoing calls are recorded when the agent initiates the call from the ININ client. Supervisors have access to these recorded conversations directly from their computers by opening the ICBM application and selecting the date and time of the call.

Please Note: Callers must dial the main departmental line to be recorded. Individual personal phone lines will not be recorded.

Interaction Client

Interaction Client, a desktop or laptop application, is accessed daily by staff. Staff use this client application to monitor the status of peers in their workgroup. They also have the ability to monitor and view work group queues and activity. The application allows the them to initiate calls directly from the client without lifting the telephone handset. Incoming calls are answered with the click of a mouse.



Yes, training for both supervisor and agents can be provided by CUIT, please email with your department or school, desired timeframe, venue, number of participants and type of training needed (supervisor, agent, or both).

Yes, supervisors will be provided access to create and run reports.

Yes, this is available depending on the configuration requested.

Please contact the CUIT Service Desk by calling 212-854-1919 or emailing and provide your name and uni. This information will be routed to the appropriate group to reset your password.

Please contact the CUIT Service Desk by calling 212-854-1919 or emailing and provide your name, uni, and any relevant information including any error messages that you may have received.