Apartment Net

CUIT provides 100 Mbps and gigabit Ethernet connections in Morningside Heights University Apartment Housing on the University's multi-gigabit campus network, with complete access to the unique network resources available on our Internet and Internet2 connections.

Student Apartments

Many student apartments already have an Ethernet jack installed in each bedroom. If your apartment is currently without a jack in a wired building, you can submit an online request. After a network jack is installed, a mandatory network access fee of $29 per month will be included on the rent bill. There is no installation fee; just the $29 monthly charge.

Faculty/Staff Apartments

Faculty and staff apartments will be connected by request and will pay a fee of $40 per jack per month.

Please note: CUIT does not maintain a wireless network in the Columbia owned apartments for students, faculty or staff. If you would like to set up your own wireless router, please keep in mind that it must be configured properly so that it will not disrupt the network in your building.

CUIT provides instructions for setting up 3 different supported routers. You can also purchase a router from us and we will install it for a fee. Combo modem/wireless routers are incompatible with the CUIT Ethernet network. If you have any questions about which router to purchase, please send email to askcuit@columbia.edu. For more information:


Please note that if your wireless router causes a network disruption, your network port will be disabled until we can resolve the problem. CUIT will not provide refunds for ports disabled due to improperly configured devices (or infected hosts) attached to the Columbia network.

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