Client Device Engineering

Responsible for the design and engineering of device management solutions and the standardization of client device platforms

The Client Device Engineering (CDE) team works closely with CUIT's Desktop Support and Classroom and Desktop Technologies teams to provide standardized, efficient and secure desktop environments for CUIT customers. The team engineers and maintains CUIT's:

Team responsibilities

  • Device management solutions (macOS, Windows, iOS, Android)
  • Desktop engineering (macOS, Windows)
  • Application packaging (macOS, Windows)
  • Advanced technical support for operating systems (macOS, Windows)
  • Advanced technical support for hardware (iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Dell computers, Apple computers)
  • Device group policy management (Windows)
  • Remote support solutions (macOS, Windows)
  • Hardware standards recommendations
  • Application and operating system patching (macOS, Windows)
  • Microsoft key management service
  • License server management
  • Software/computer usage reporting
  • Centralized print management
  • Enterprise Adobe license management
  • PXE/Netboot management

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