Collaboration Notebook — Jupyterhub

Sharable records of computation that can be converted to multiple formats.

Collaboration Notebook, powered by an open-source technology called Jupyterhub, provides a complete and self-contained record of a computation that can be converted to various formats and shared with others. Collaboration Notebook can be used to facilitate a variety of tasks including team collaboration, data cleaning and transformation, numerical simulation, statistical modeling and machine learning.

Also known as Jupyterhub.

Collaboration Notebook enables you to:

  • Edit code in the browser with automatic syntax highlighting, indentation, and tab completion/introspection.
  • Run code from the browser with the results of computations attached to the code which generated them.
  • See the results of computations with rich media representations, such as HTML, LaTeX, PNG, SVG, PDF, etc.
  • Create and use interactive JavaScript widgets which bind interactive user-interface controls and visualizations to reactive kernel side computations.
  • Write narrative text using the Markdown markup language.
  • Build hierarchical documents that are organized into sections with different levels of headings.
  • Include mathematical equations using LaTeX syntax in Markdown, which are rendered in-browser.


Please email to request access.