Computer Labs & Classroom Technologies - Application Request Policy

Instructors may request additional application software to be installed on our lab and classroom computers to be used in support of teaching.

Essential Information


  • Installation requests must be received at least 8 weeks prior to the time you need the software.

  • Please review the current application suite for Windows or Macintosh before making your request.  Also see the Software Sources page for lists of applications available to students and/or employees for free or low cost.

  • Technical problems may prevent us from being able to comply with your request.

Software Types

There are two general types of applications that may be requested.

General Use

  • Beneficial to many students in different curricula.

  • Installed on all computers in all labs and classrooms.

  • Purchased and supported by Computer Labs & Classroom Technologies.

  • Usually a permanent addition to the software suite.



  • Needed to teach your class.

  • Installed in specific classrooms or in a limited number of labs (if freeware or unlimited site license, may be installed in all locations).

  • Purchased by the department and supported by the requesting instructor.

  • Request must be renewed each semester.

Request Procedures

  1. For courseware, see the Installation of Instructional Software page.

  2. Review the current application suite for Windows or Macintosh.

  3. Complete a request form for each application on the Installation of Instructional Software page.