CUIT Public Computing Facilities

A number of different types of computing facilities are available to students, faculty and staff of the university. These facilities range from simple informational kiosks to high-end workstations to walk-in consulting centers. Access requirements and schedules are provided in the detailed descriptions for each location.

The CUIT Client Service Center is the primary walk-in support center available to the University community. Information and assistance is available on a broad range of topics relating to computing and services provided by CUIT and related departments. Information is available on computer accounts, software distribution, connectivity and many other topics.

Computer clusters and labs are located throughout campus. They can also vary greatly in the types of computing services offered at each location. Printers are available in various lab locations using the PawPrint Printing System.

CUIT has been integrally involved in developing classrooms to support instructional technologies. These electronic classrooms are available through the Registrar's office and offer the instructor many opportunities to enhance and develop new ways of presenting course material.  Instructors should see our software application request policy to have new software installed on our lab and classroom computers to be used in support of teaching.

Informational kiosks or ColumbiaNet stations have been placed in many high-traffic locations, such as building lobbies and lounges, for quick access to electronic information.

The Digital Social Science Center (DSSC) and the Data Service (DS), maintained by the Libraries and CUIT, offer access to a wide variety of social science, numerical and spatial data resources and related services.