Conference Services

Procurement and administration of conference call accounts for Columbia's faculty, staff and administrators.

Also known as dial-in, audio conferencing, conference bridge, conference line or teleconference line.

CUIT's Voice and Mobile team offers conference call accounts for Columbia University staff who need to accommodate multiple parties or need to lead a group call.

  • Open the conference call 10 - 15 minutes prior to the actual set time of the meeting.
  • Remind all participants that side/background noise can be heard by all on the call.
  • Ask all participants to mute their phones when on hold or not actively participating.
  • The conference will start when the host opens the call with their password.
  • The conference will end when the host hangs up or logs out.
  • Please do not put your line on hold if your phone has hold music.
  • Speakerphones may cause noise during your meeting. Please mute your microphone when not speaking.