Connected DataProtector

Connected Data Protector is a personal computer backup service available for all Columbia University Departments.

In order to sign up for this service, Departments must have their own Departmental IT Support who will be able to provide first-level support to their department for this service. Please contact your departmental IT support to find out if your department participates in the program. Departmental IT staff, please email for information on signing up. 


  • Files can be backed up either automatically or manually over the campus network to redundant servers managed by CUIT.
  • Files can be restored individually or in groups, from the original computer or from any computer via a Web interface if this option is enabled.
  • The service includes a migration feature to set up an end user on a new computer by moving their data from the old system to the new.
  • This is a backup service and not ment to be used as an archiving tool.  Versions of files are kept but eventually consolidate into last known saved file. 
  • The service includes offsite mirrored backup of data in case of server failure.


iRoam will allow users who have already generated a backup and have a valid account with a set password to access their backup data via a web browser from any computer. Access IRoam from a secure web connection. Please see your IT Support Contact for further assistance.


Important Note about Connected Service

In order to subscribe to the Personal Computer Backup Service, a department must have technical support staff willing and able to act as the department's primary support for the service. CUIT provides training and documentation, as well as second- and third-level support. Departments interested in subscribing should email