Career Development Framework

Our Philosophy

Career management is a lifelong process of exploration and discovery. The CUIT Career Development Framework is intended to provide the necessary tools to assist our talent in identifying and achieving their longer-term career goals.  

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Your Role

We believe that as an employee, you should own your development plans, seek and pursue learning experiences, and build productive relationships with peers and mentors.

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Your Manager's Role

Managers stand as partners in supporting the development of the full potential of CUIT talent. Managers should initiate formal and informal conversations with employees focused on their development, providing guidance, leadership, and mentorship throughout the year.

Over the course of a career

The various programs and resources provided through CUIT are intended to allow for personal and professional development in each of these areas:

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Most development (70%) occurs through on-the-job experiences

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About 20% comes from feedback or relationships

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The final 10% is learned through courses and reading

CUIT Career Development Framework

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Job Families and Career Tracks

Our job families and career tracks allow for our talent to understand career progression and the skills, education, and experience required at each level.

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Talent Services Support

CUIT Talent Services offers assistance with career coaching, development plans, and general career guidance.

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Professional Development Programs and Resources

Our professional development programs have been created specifically to provide our CUIT talent with the necessary tools to allow for a progressive career within CUIT.

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Our Core Competencies

Within CUIT, seven competencies are considered to be the foundational pieces for proficiency in job performance when combined with core duties and specific, job-related skills and knowledge.

Technical Competencies

To optimize your overall performance and open yourself to opportunities for growth, all CUIT talent are encouraged to establish a basic proficiency in a variety of technical competencies and seek out occasions to further develop skills in the following areas:

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