CUIT Computer Account Eligibility

All faculty, staff and students of Columbia University are eligible for a UNI and email service. The computer ID system determines your eligibility based on data provided about you by an authoritative source -- for most people, this source is Student Information Systems (students) or Human Resources PAC (employees). If questions arise about your eligibility, you may be asked to pursue them with your department or the office providing your data.

New Students
New students become eligible for accounts once Student Information Services enters them into the student database. For students starting in the the Fall semester, this occurs at some point during the previous summer.

New Faculty and Staff
Recently hired faculty and staff who do not yet appear in the Human Resources database can acquire a temporary CUIT computer account by being entered in a departmental data feed called DIA.

Staff of Affiliate Institutions
Staff of institutions affiliated with Columbia may or may not be eligible for accounts depending on agreements between their institution and Columbia. Call the CUIT Service Desk at 212-854-1919 for further information.

Casual Employees
Casual employees who are entered into DIA are eligible for email accounts but are not authorized to access restricted online resources unless they are located physically on campus. This is due to legal licensing restrictions on online data.