Mailman Lists

Mailman Lists - Instructions for Members

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Mailman is a list management system that allows the list admin(s) to set up and manage the list by logging in to a web page rather than sending special commands within email messages. The default email address for Mailman lists is The instructions below describe how to subscribe and manage your membership options.

List options such as moderation are set by the list admin. Depending on how they have set up subscription and posting rules, you may or may not be able to change certain options for yourself. Some lists require that the list admin approve subscription requests and all messages sent to the list, for example.

When a message comes in that is not allowed, it is bounced to the list admin for approval, and will tell you your request is being held.

Mailman tries to detect messages that contain administrative requests, such as "Subscribe me", and send them to the list admin for action.

To subscribe, go to the list's listinfo page. It will be something like:, where listname is the part of the list address before the

You can also send subscribe requests via email:

  • To the list admins at
  • To the subscribe/request address, at, with Subscribe in the message body.

Once your request is received, you will be asked to confirm it. This is a security measure to ensure that the request was a real one, sent from the email address that wishes to subscribe. The confirmation message will contain instructions for confirming and subscribing, either by sending an email to the address provided with a text string to be copied and pasted into your message, or clicking on a link within the message. The link sends you to a page where you will be able to enter your name and set a member password. Do NOT use your UNI password as your list password. The combination of your email address and your password will allow you to set certain options for yourself, as well as enter the list archive, if any.

To send mail to the list, send your message to, where listname is the part of the email address before the '@' sign.



If the list admin has allowed it and you have set a password, you can set certain list options for yourself. Go to your membership options page at

Mail delivery: Enabled/Disabled

By default set to Enabled, you can choose Disabled if you are going to be away, want to remain on the list, but stop mail delivery for a while.

Set Digest Mode: On/Off (if list admin has allowed it)

MIME or Plain Text Digests: MIME/Plain text (if digests allowed)

MIME will allow formatted text if sent and mail reader supports, Plain text can be ready by any mail reader

Receive your own posts: Yes/No

Most people want their own posts to confirm they were sent

Receive acknowledgement when you send mail to the list: Yes/No

Get password reminder email: Yes/No

If yes, you will get monthly emails with your list membershsip(s) and password(s)

Conceal yourself from subscriber list: Yes/No

If Yes, list admins but not other members will not see you on the membership list

Preferred language: Set by list admin

Topic categories/topic filters: Only apply if list admin has created topics

Avoid duplicate copies: Yes/No

Yes means if your address is included in a To/Cc of a message also sent to the list, you will not get the additional list copy

You can also unsubscribe, change your password, change your subscribed email address, and have your password emailed to you on this page.

Be sure to Submit My Changes at the bottom of the page to save any changes you have made.