CUIT Upgrade to ServiceNow Istanbul

Over the weekend of April 28, 2017, Columbia University Information Technology (CUIT) will be upgrading our ServiceNow installation to the latest release, called Istanbul.

ServiceNow is CUIT's Service Management platform, supporting critical services, including our University Support Desk, as well as a variety of important Human Resources, Finance, ZMBBI and Public Safety processes. This upgrade will provide the most up-to-date ServiceNow features, enabling us to continue to evaluate, improve and develop the services that our clients need and that benefit the University as a whole.

What to Expect
Current workflows within ServiceNow will not be affected by the upgrade, but the new release will provide an updated user interface (UI) that reflects a more modern visual approach.
System Unavailability
ServiceNow will not be accessible from April 28th at 11:30 p.m. through April 29th at 1:00 p.m. 
How to Get Assistance During the Upgrade
Individuals who need assistance during the planned downtime will still be able to open issues by emailing or by calling (212) 854-1919. We anticipate a smooth upgrade process but, in the unlikely event that issues do occur, we will ensure that all users remain informed.

ServiceNow Istanbul Upgrade: Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What will be different after the upgrade?

A: How we use ServiceNow will not be affected by the upgrade. Tickets, forms, reporting, dashboards, and other services enabled through ServiceNow, should behave exactly as they do today. What both licensed and unlicensed users will notice most is an updated user interface (UI) that reflects a more modern and collaborative approach. Additionally, with each new release, ServiceNow improves the features and functionality of the various modules, which we will take advantage of to make continual improvements to the services we provide to our University clients.

Q: Will I need to adjust how I work in ServiceNow the morning after the upgrade?

A: We expect no changes to your processes from this upgrade; the transition should be seamless for all teams, with no anticipated disruption to any work activity on the platform. After the upgrade, additional support will be provided to address questions or issues.