CUIT Wireless in Residence Halls

CUIT and Columbia Housing have expanded the Columbia wireless network to more residence halls. 

Students living in the residence halls have access to a high speed 802.11N wireless network. We no longer have active wired Ethernet jacks in the residence halls, except for Fairholm.

In order to provide you with the best possible wireless service, please keep in mind that no personal wireless routers are allowed due to network reliability and security issues.

Support for networking issues on the Morningside Campus is provided by CUIT Client Services. Please visit our Online Support Center for more information. 

Support for networking issues on the Health Sciences Campus is provided by CUMC IT. Please visit the CUMC IT Homepage for more information.

The following buildings now have CUIT wireless:

Broadway, Carman, Carleton, East Campus, Furnald, Harmony , Hartley, Hogan, John Jay, McBain, River, Ruggles, SIC House, Schapiro, Wallach, Watt, Wien, Woodbridge, 47 Claremont

523 West 113, 531 West 113, 534 West 114, 536 West 114, 540 West 114, 542 West 114, 546 West 114, 548 West 113, 548 West 114, 550 West 113, 552 West 113, 552 West 114, 554 West 114, 556 West 113, 600 West 113, 604 West 114, 606 West 114, 627 West 115