ColumbiaNet Kiosk Stations

ColumbiaNet kiosk stations provide easy access to a wide variety of campus information, electronic mail, USB drive access, and access to the Internet. Placed in lobbies, libraries, and lounges across campus, they are accessible to anyone at Columbia. ColumbiaNet kiosk stations are often used for quick access to services for short periods of time. Documents and sensitive data should not be saved locally on these machines, as these machines are publicaly accessible and the data will be purged upon logout.  CNET stations logout after 3 minutes of inactivity.  For using computers for extended periods of time, computer clusters and labs are located throughout the campus.

For information on the software on a ColumbiaNet kiosk, see the ColumbiaNet Software Page.

Getting Help

Support for ColumbiaNet kiosks is provided by CUIT Client Services. Please visit our online support center for more information.