Information Security Tips and Tricks


Rebuilding a Windows Computer

Instructions for rebuilding a machine with Windows 2000 or Windows XP installed.

Keeping Third Party Applications Up to Date

Links and basic information about keeping third party applications like Mozilla Firefox and Real Player up to date

Legal Music and Movies Online

This document provides suggestions for finding music, movies, and other content online

Protecting your Passwords

Advice for keeping your passwords safe at Columbia and elsewhere.

Finding your IP and MAC Addresses

This document provides a link to a script which will show the IP address and MAC address of a user's computer

Choosing a Secure OS X Password

This document provides instructions for choosing a secure password in the OS X operating system.

Windows Update Information

Information on Windows Update and instructions for automating updates on Windows systems.

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

This document provides information on how to protect yourself from identity theft

Handling Personally Identifying Information and Confidential Data

This document gives information about requirements regarding keeping personally identifying and confidential information secure, and links to options for data encryption.

Rebooting Windows in Safe Mode

Instructions for rebooting Windows 98/2000/XP into Safe Mode.

Forwarding Messages with Full Headers

Instructions for forwarding messages with full headers in various email clients.

Protecting Data Using Encryption

This document provides some basic advice and links regarding local filesystem encryption.

Choosing a Windows Password

Information and instructions related to choosing a password on a Windows system.

Valid SSH Keys

Valid SSH Keys for connecting to Cunix.

Rebuilding in Windows with an Update CD

Advice and instructions for Windows users on rebuilding their machine with minimal risk of infection when an update CD is available.

Reformat in Windows XP without Updates

Advice and instructions for Windows XP users on reformatting their machine with minimal risk of reinfection.

Reformat in Windows 2000 without Updates

Advice and instructions for Windows 2000 users on reformatting their machine with minimal risk of reinfection.

Keeping your computer safe from viruses, worms, and malware

Advice and downloads for protecting your computer from malware.