Multifactor Authentication (MFA) at Columbia

Multifactor authentication (MFA) using Duo Security is now required for access to the following services:

  • View Your Paycheck

  • View Your Direct Deposit Information

  • View or Update Your Benefits information

  • View or Update Your Personal Information

  • View Your Tax Information

  • My W-2

  • Verify Your Employment

  • PAC Time and Absence

When you log into any of these services, you will be required to set up and use MFA.

You may also elect to use MFA for a set of services that do not currently require MFA. These services include ARC, Courseworks, DIA, Manage My UNI and Rascal. Additional services may be added in the future. To elect this option, click below for Multifactor Authentication Self-Service and then select “Opt-in.”

Duo MFA Setup

Click here to set up and test Duo MFA if:


  • you want to set it up now.

  • you've already set up Duo and want to test it.

  • you aren't required to use Duo but would like to try it out.

Multifactor Authentication Self-Service

Browse here to manage your MFA account.


Multifactor Authentication Training Videos

Watch these how-to videos to learn how to install and use Duo on your mobile device.



Read about multifactor authentication at Columbia on these FAQs: