Email Aliases

All CU faculty, staff and students may select an email alias. A number of choices are offered based upon a person's name as it appears in the CU Human Resources system (PAC) or the University Student system (SIS).

For example, George Jetson (UNI gj5437) might be provided with the option for choosing email alias

In this case, email addressed to and would be delivered to the same mailbox.

Sometimes numerals are included in a person's alias choices, for example, if a certain combination has already been acquired by another person.

The email alias is never used to log into any online services. The login process for all University services continues to use solely the UNI and its password.

To select, change, or remove an email alias, visit the Manage My UNI page. Then click Select or Remove Email Alias.

Note that all current students were automatically assigned an alias such as Students are able to replace this alias by visiting the Select or Remove Email Alias page.

To indicate that you want your email alias displayed in the online directory and used as your sending address in LionMail, visit the Manage My UNI page. Then click on Change Published Email Address. You may also use this page to change your address back to the format in the online directory.

Note: Your Email alias delivers mail to the same place as You should never forward your Email to your Email alias!

A set of FAQs is available that provides more information on the email alias service.