Gartner Reports Online

CUIT is pleased to provide the Columbia community with the resources of Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company.

Your FREE access benefits:

Students: gain insight on the current trends in technology, information technology management, business issues, organizations, strategy as well as a global perspective on the IT industry.

Faculty: be empowered with current trends in information technology, allowing you to bring real world, complex issues into the classroom.

Staff: get information on how to improve infrastructure, validate technology decisions, analyze trends in the industry and understand best practices.

Use your UNI and password to register for access to Gartner reports online. When you do, your UNI, name, title, and email address will be transmitted to Gartner if this information is in the Columbia directory. You will receive a welcome/confirmation email from with information on using the site and reminding you that you must use this link to access Gartner reports.

Note: in order to view Gartner reports your browser will need to be configured to allow pop-up windows for  Contact the CUIT Service Desk for help with this process: 212-854-1919 or