High Performance Computing Renter Service

HPC Renter Service

Our current High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster, called Yeti, was created with support from 24 departments and groups, who each purchased shares to fund the infrastructure and to gain priority access to Yeti to support their research.

Although no additional permanent shares in our HPC are available, faculty, research staff, and sponsored students may rent shares of Yeti under the following terms:

HPC Rental Details

  • A flat fee of $1,000 provides one share for a single user, for a period of one year.
  • One share is equivalent to one processor core, or 1/16 of a server (each Yeti server has 16 cores).
  • Rental shares allow the user to access additional HPC resources, based on system policies and availability and access to 64 GB of scratch storage. 
  • A single user may purchase multiple rentals to increase both their share and storage.
  • HPC renters are entitled to user support in addition to our HPC documentation.
  • Additional information, including details on low-priority, free access to Yeti are available in CUIT's Service Catalog.

Become an HPC Renter

To become an HPC Renter, complete our HPC Rental Request Form, including the chart string you will use for payment. Once your request is submitted, a member of the Research Computing Services team will reach out to you with additional information and to help you get started.