Hybrid Classroom Locations

Many CUIT/Registrar-managed classrooms have been equipped with cameras and microphones to enable hybrid ("HyFlex") classes for both in-person and virtual students. More rooms are added daily after testing is complete.

Please review our Hybrid Classrooms checklist for instructions and tips on running classes in these rooms.

Last updated: February 25, 2021

Each classroom* listed below is equipped with at least one camera and microphone, but may have more depending on the room size. Please review the corresponding Hybrid Package for details.

Some classrooms are additionally equipped with ceiling microphones, to better project and receive sound throughout the space; some also have confidence monitors, TVs installed in the sight-line of the instructor that mirror projected content (e.g. slides, Zoom attendees) allowing them to more easily control material-sharing and interact with students.

*non-CUIT/Registrar classrooms with hybrid packages

Hybrid Package A

  • Podium microphone
  • Wireless lavalier microphone
  • 2 cameras: one audience-facing, one podium/blackboard facing (controlled via touch panel)

Hybrid Package B

  • Wireless lavalier microphone
  • 1 camera (controlled via touch panel)

Hybrid Package C

  • Mobile AV cart with computer that includes linear mounted microphone
  • 1 camera (controlled via remote)