International Services

If you have a global capable device you may request activation of the international roaming feature through our office so you can use your existing device while traveling. Please allow 5 business days lead time to process your request and be aware that international roaming must be activated prior to leaving the country.

For information about fees and service availability, please visit ATT Travel Guide or the Verizon Global Site. ATT users will have an allowance of 2GB of global data and Verizon users will have unlimited global data.

If you are traveling abroad and do not have a global capable device, you can rent a cell phone or smartphone from CUIT. The current prices are listed below, and in most cases include setup of the device to access your Columbia email account. In some instances (Business School, Law School, CUMC, etc.) you must contact your internal IT department to complete setup.

Cell Phone Rental:  $25 per week plus voice charges. Calls are billed per-minute and rate vary depending on the country.

Smart Phone Rental: $150 per week plus voice charges. Calls are billed per-minute and rate vary depending on the country.

International Data

How much will it cost to send/receive emails and browse the web in another country?

Travelers need to be especially careful of data charges. Without an international data plan, the rates are far more expensive than for roaming voice calls and text messages. Even with an international data plan, wireless modems and iPads can still be more expensive than using internet access provided by many hotels. If you are traveling within the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, you DO NOT need the international data plan.

If you travel often we recommend you keep the international data plan, since it includes domestic data. You can sign up for the service by sending email to askcuit@columbia.eduor calling the CUIT Service Desk at 212-854-1919.


For wireless modems and iPads the international plan covers 800MB of usage within specific countries. Usage outside the specific countries data is charged per MB and can become quite expensive very quickly. For example, if you have the 800MB international data plan and travel to Spain, and use 900MB of data, only the first 800MB are included in the $120 monthly international plan. Because Spain is a select country the remaining 100MB are charged at $10/10MB, meaning you are responsible for $1000.

Without an international data plan or outside select countries, ATT users pay $.0195/KB, $20/MB. For example if you travel to South Africa, a non-Data Select Country, and use 200MB of data, which is about a day or usage or less. Your 800MB allowance will NOT apply to data used in South Africa and you will be responsible 200MB at $20/MB or $4,000.

For a list of ATT Data Select Countries visit


Click here to review the international data planfor Verizon wireless modems and iPads.

Please note: The delivery of Visual Voicemail messages will be charged at international data rate.

International Technical Support

If you are having technical difficulties while traveling outside the US please call the carrier's toll-free number.

  • Verizon: 908-559-4899
  • AT&T: 916-843-4685