LionMail - Conflicting Account Information

What is a Conflicting Account?

In the past students were able to create Google accounts associated with an email address. This account could access Google Documents and Calendar but did not have a Gmail account associated with it. When Columbia creates your new LionMail account, any personal Google account that was created with an address will become a “conflicting account.”

To see a video overview of what a conflicting account  is go to:

What happens to my data in a conflicting account?

Your data will be preserved in a new account that you will be able to set up outside of your new LionMail account. Google provides several options for resolving a conflicting account. To learn more, please go to Resolving Conflicting Accounts.

I am unsure if I have a conflicting account; how can I tell?

Your personal Gmail account is a conflicting account if it includes your UNI. When you log in, you can click on the “Get started” link to go through the process of resolving your Conflicting Account. If you do not want to resolve your Conflicting Account at this time click on  “Do this later” to access your account.

I am not ready to resolve my conflicting account. How can I log in to my old account?

To log in to your existing account without renaming or transitioning data (if applicable), follow these steps.

1. Log out of your current Google session.
2. Go to the service you want to access. (Google Docs, Google Calendar, etc.)
3. Log in using the following email (user name) and password.


For example if you previously logged in to the old account with, you will now use


Password: use your old Google password, not your UNI password. if you don’t remember your password, you can retrieve it by going to



4. You will now be able to use your old Google account. If users try to share content, such as Google Calendar, with your address, the content will be shared with your LionMail account.

Click here for instructions on how to resolve your conflicting account