LionMail Drive

Introduction to LionMail Drive

When you create new documents using LionMail Drive, you typically create online Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Slides. These programs are collaborative tools that allow users to share files and documents with multiple users.

There are also web-based editors to create drawings, forms and fusion tables. These online documents are tightly integrated with other Google Apps and provide very powerful real-time collaboration features.

LionMail Drive Accessibility

Columbia University is committed to ensuring equal access to information, programs and activities through its technologies, web pages, services and resources for all its constituencies, including people with disabilities.

Attention Faculty: At no time can LionMail Drive be made a course requirement.

Please follow these general guidelines for making your Google Documents accessible to people with disabilities. The Google Administrator Guide to Accessibility provides further information on accessibility and Google Apps, including Google Drive.

If you encounter any difficulties or have questions about using assistive technologies or creating accessible documents with Google Drive, please contact CUIT by calling 212-854-1919 or sending an email to
Required Sharing Settings
  • Share your Google document as a private document using the setting:“Private – Only the people listed below can access.” 
  • To add users, do the following:
    • LionMail users – type name, UNI or email address and choose from the list provided
    • Non-LionMail users –  type email address
Not Allowed
  • Do not share your document with the setting, “People at LionMail with the Link” –  this level of sharing can easily be shared beyond your intended recipients.
  • Do not share documents with the setting, “LionMail.” This level of sharing will share your document with any LionMail user – including students, faculty, staff and some alumni.
  • Do not share documents as “Public on the Web” or “Anyone with the Link.”*

*This type of sharing has been disabled for LionMail.