macOS Patch Updates for CUIT-managed Computers

To protect Columbia's computer systems against cyberattacks and helps ensure that our data is secured, while also giving you the flexibility you need to save and complete your work, CUIT has developed a patch management strategy that maximizes the security of your CUIT-managed computer. CUIT distributes updated patches as soon as they have been internally tested and approved.  Every 7 days users will be prompted to reboot their computer.  Any pending CUIT or Apple updates will be installed (up to four 24-hour deferrals will be accepted). If your computer is off or is not being used, that is not considered a working day. On the final day, there is a 60-minute pop-up window to notify you of the timeline for the impending automatic patching workflow and reboot.

CUIT Self Service icon

How do I know if I have a CUIT-managed device?

If you have the Self Service icon on your Dock or in your Applications folder, you have a CUIT-managed macOS device.

What you need to do

  • Install the Patches and Reboot

You are prompted when patches are available and asked to reboot to apply the updates. For maximum security, CUIT encourages you to run the patching workflow as soon as possible. You may defer for 24 hours, and use Self Service to update at more convenient time, however after seven working days and four 24-hour deferrals, your machine will automatically be rebooted to apply the updates (you will be notified via pop-up when you have deferred for the fourth and last time). If your computer is off or is not being used, that is not considered a working day. Urgent patches (such as those needed to protect against ransomware) may be deployed on occasion without the option to defer.

  • Save your work

Keep in mind that you may or may not be at your computer when the automated reboot takes place (especially if you defer rebooting). CUIT recommends that you save your work frequently to avoid potential loss of data. Always save your work before going home, and log out instead of shutting down.

Select an update option from the "A message from CUIT" notification

After macOS updates are deployed, a notification will pop up informing you that security updates need to be installed on your macOS device. 

The pop-up notification will also summarize how many 24-hour deferrals you have remaining.

Pop-up window for Mac security updates

Install updates manually at any time

Open the Self Service center and select Patch Management from the left-hand navigation pane.

Mac self service icon

Click Run on the Updates: Install All Apple Updates patching workflow. This workflow will check for updates, then install any approved updates and automatically restart your computer. 

Updates: Install all Apple Updates” patching workflow