VPN | Instructions for installing Cisco Any Connect on Windows

Installing Cisco AnyConnect for Windows

Instructions for installing Cisco AnyConnect Client on Windows

Follow these instructions in order to download and install the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client on Windows machines.


1. Go to https://vpn.cc.columbia.edu in your browser.  We recommend using Google Chrome.  I

If you use Internet Explorer you may get some Java or Active X prompts for web based connections like these.  Click Cancel or Skip.

2. Click on the AnyConnect link to start your download.

3. When the download is complete click on the anyconnect-win-4.4.00243-core-vpn-webdeploy-k9.exe file to install it.


Internet Explorer


4. You may get prompted by User Access Control (UAC) to allow the installation to run.  Click Run.

5. Click through the following steps to install the AnyConnect client on your computer.

6. Go to your start menu if you see Cisco AnyConnect there click on it.  If not, go under All Programs find the Cisco folder and inside it is Cisco AnyConnect.

7. When it opens enter vpn.cc.columbia.edu into the text field then click Connect.

8. When prompted enter your Uni and Password then click OK.

9. You will know you are connected when you see this message and the globe in the task bar has a lock on it.

10. To disconnect, click on the globe in the task bar, then click on disconnect in the window that opens.

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