Online Training — Stridepoint

Online training system providing off-the-shelf and customizable courses.

CUIT offers Stridepoint Training as a platform for online trainings that any of Columbia’s groups or departments would like to provide optional or required courses to faculty and staff. Examples include Security Essentials, Social Engineering and Protecting Sensitive Information. Though security is a common theme for these courses, the subject matter varies greatly depending on your role.

Based on your position at the University, you can access the courses that are available to your organization by logging into Columbia’s Stridepoint portal with your UNI. If you do not already have access to StridePoint, or do not have access to courses that you need, you can request that access by submitting a self-service web form. You can also request access on behalf of another employee if necessary.

If you would like to add a training from StridePoint’s library or develop a custom course specific to your requirements, please also contact CUIT by submitting a self-service web form.

If you are offering a course on Stridepoint and would like data on usage for tracking purposes, please also submit a self-service web form.