PC PhoneHome

PC PhoneHome is software that can help recover a lost or stolen laptop. Columbia University has purchased a site license for PC PhoneHome from Brigadoon Security Group.

If you want to remove PCPhoneHome from your laptop, contact the CUIT Computing Support Center to make an appointment to bring your machine to 202 Philosophy Hall. If you cannot come to campus, or if your machine is not a laptop, notfity the Support Center of that and a technician will contact you to assist in removing the product.

If you want to remove MacPhoneHome from your computer, you will need to contact Brigadoon to request a customized installer. Be sure to include complete indentifying information in your request, such as your full name, Unique ID and address and an email address where your uninstaller can be emailed. As Columbia's email system does not accept file attachments in .exe format, you should specify a separate address, such as a Yahoo or Gmail account to receive this email.

If your machine is stolen, you should notify Columbia Public Safety immediately and inform them that you have installed PhoneHome. Public Safety contact information is available at http://www.columbia.edu/cu/publicsafety/contactus.html

If your laptop is administered by your department, you should speak to your system administrator before installing software like PC PhoneHome.

Download and Installation
(Current faculty, staff, and students of Columbia University and Barnard College are eligible to download.)

  1. Locate the serial number of your computer and write it down, keeping that information in a safe place.
  2. Identify the MAC addresses of network cards on your computer and write them down as well. For instructions, visit this page.
  3. Download and run the installer. (Required UNI login)

PC PhoneHome 4.1 for Windows (1.1 MB - for 7 & 8 and 10
(MD5 checksum for PCPhoneHome: 181174E1505E5BD8DD962C6D189E9A02)

Mac PhoneHome 4 for OSX 10.6 through 10.11 (120 KB)
(MD5 checksum for MacPhoneHome: 5e2a63abbe18e4b59549d61a6367a1a7)