PC PhoneHome Stolen Computer

What should I do if my laptop is stolen?

If you have installed PhoneHome on a machine and that machine is stolen, you should notify Columbia Public Safety immediately, even if the theft did not occur on campus. Make sure you mention that PhoneHome is installed. Public Safety contact information is available at http://www.columbia.edu/cu/publicsafety/contactus.html

You do not need to contact Brigadoon Security Group. Columbia Public Safety will notify them of the theft reported, and will speak with Columbia University IT Security if more information is required.

Once Brigadoon has been notified, they will contact law enforcement in the area that your machine has been seen since the theft and provide technical assistance to help them recover the machine. Once law enforcement officials have recovered it, they will turn it over to Columbia Public Safety.

The process is much easier if you can present Public Safety with some information about the machine at the time of the report. Knowing the MAC address of network cards and the serial number of the machine can expedite the process of getting your computer back returned.

Find your MAC Address

If you are connected to the Columbia University network, you can use this script to determine your IP and MAC addresses.

On Windows operating systems, you can determine your IP and MAC addresses by opening a command prompt windows (Start -> Run -> cmd) and typing ipconfig /all. Look for the value of Physical Address.

For Macintosh OS X, open a Terminal window and type ifconfig -a. Look for the value ofether..

Recovered machines will be presented to Public Safety's Morningside office where owners can reclaim them.