Simple Mailing List Owner Instructions

Simple Mailing List Documentation

A list can be used as a contact address that directs mail to one or more individuals who handle inquiries for a larger entity, or as a distribution list to communicate with a larger group. Please note that requests for mailing lists must be for a Columbia department or recognized club.

A simple mailing list is created by CUIT, who will assign one or more individuals as owners based on the request. The owner(s) can then make changes to the list as well as add other owners. Changes to the list take effect in approximately fifteen minutes.

Manage a Simple Mailing List

To manage a simple mailing list:

1. Log in at and you will see the names of lists you own and are subscribed to.

2. You can click on the names of lists you are subscribed to to find out who the owner is. For lists you own, click on the list name.

3. To add an owner, click on Owners under Add. Enter the UNI in the text box, and click on Add These Owners.

4. To add a mail recipient or list member, click on Members under Add. Enter the email address in the text box, and click on Add These Recipients. Recipients or list members can be added by email address, including non-Columbia email addresses.

5. To remove an owner, put a check next to the address you want to remove, under Owners. Click on Remove Owners. You will see a popup asking you to confirm.

6. Click on LOGOUT when you are finished with your changes.

Mailing List Names

Mail will be sent to the list name Names in email addresses can contain letters, numbers and a limited set of punctuation marks including hyphen, dot, and underline. Upper and lower case letters are treated the same. No spaces are allowed.

The names should be simple enough for people to remember but long enough to indicate the purpose. For example, office is obviously too general, while the full names of some institutions are too long for practical use. CUIT may suggest changes to proposed list names.