Symantec Configurations for Windows



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Access Symantec Endpoint Protection by double-clicking the yellow shield icon on your Task Bar, usually located on the bottom right side of your screen.

The most important feature you may want to configure is the scheduling of virus scans and updating virus definitions.

Please remember that the virus definitions will determine which viruses or threats Symantec is capable of identifying during a system scan. If the definitions are not up to date, the scans you perform will be ineffective in identifying the current or newly released viruses. New viruses are released every day.

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Scheduling Regular Virus Scans

  1. To schedule regular virus scans, start Symantec Endpoint Protection and select Scan for threats from the left menu bar. Click Create a New Scan.

  2. Choose Full Scan and then click Next.

  3. You may select what types of files to scan. Unless there are special circumstances, we recommend leaving these settings as default. Click Next.

  4. Choose At specified times and then click Next.

  5. Choose the frequency for the scan and then click Next.

  6. Choose a name for the scan that you will recognize and then click Finish.

  7. You will see your newly defined scan listed. You can later edit this scan if needed.


Scheduling a Custom Scan

  1. If instead of a full scan, you wanted to scan only specific directories, you can choose to schedule a custom scan by choosing Custom Scan on the first window after clicking Create a New Scan.

  2. You can select which directories to scan in a custom scan by clicking the boxes next to the directory you would like to have scanned. The steps after this are identical to setting up a scheduled full scan.


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Scheduling Regular Virus Definition Updates

  1. To schedule regular virus definition updates, start Symantec Endpoint Protection and select Change settings from the left menu bar and then select Configure Settings next to Client Management.

  2. Click the Schedule Updates tab at the top. The default setting is daily at 8pm. Change this as necessary and then click OK.

    Important: You should update your virus definitions at least once a week, but many people chose to do this daily. If you have trouble using LiveUpdate, you might want to check our Troubleshooting Tips to use Intelligent Updater.


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