Interactivity and Design

Columbia Web Style Guidelines
Some suggestions to help you create and maintain a better website. 

Server Side Includes
Easy to use SSI's let you, among other things, dynamically display data in a web page such as when it was last updated, and display content based on a condition such as which browser your visitor is using. 

Several scripts on the Columbia web server that you can use to interact with your site visitors. 

A general introduction to some of the more popular formats and authoring resources at Columbia. 

How to implement applets on the Columbia server.

Additional Resources for Web Design and Creating Interactive Sites

A List Apart
A weekly magazine and mailing list. 

Seven Deadly Sins of Information Design
Drue Miller, Senior Information Designer, Vivid Studios 

Information Interaction Design: A Unified Field Theory of Design 
by Nathan Shedroff, Chief creative Officer, Vivid Studios 

Yale Style Manual
Patrick J. Lynch of Yale University's Center for Advanced Instructional Media, and Sarah Horton of Dartmouth College's Academic Computing.