Secure Resources for Systems Administrators

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Manage Contact Information

Add contacts for departments you admin for, modify current contact info, and modify your incident reporting options.

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Captured MACs

View a list of all MAC addresses currently captured.

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Bandwidth Quota Check

Check if a machine is currently in the restricted bandwidth pool.

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Secure File Deletion with DBAN

Information and downloads relating to DBAN, a tool for secure file deletion.

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Security Checklist for Desktops Handling Sensitive Data and Point-of-Sale Machines

Best practices and a hardening checklist for machines handling sensitive data or functioning as a point-of-sale machine.

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CUSpider can scan a computer for social security numbers, credit card numbers, or other PII, and produce a list of resulting files with remediation options that you can immediately take. Its graphical interface is very user friendly, and the settings can be modified to send results to a central server for collection.

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Crawler Perl script

Download a copy of the Crawler Perl script that Columbia's ISO uses to scan central servers for personally identifying information (PII). It seems to do a better job keeping track of changes, and as such is better suited to regularly scanning large servers. Unless you're familiar with command prompts and piping output, you may want to try Spider's GUI. Not to be distributed.

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