Purchase CUIT Printing Dollars

Note: If you transfer funds to your FLEX account, you must then go to the the CUIT Computing Support Center in 202 Philosophy weekdays 10AM to 6PM to increase your Printing Dollar.

Purchase Printing Dollars (Click to buy now!)

Users with a valid UNI may purchase printer Printing Dollars. Printing Dollars are automatically added to your account and may be used at any NINJa print station.

Account Requirements:

  • You must have a valid UNI and password to purchase Printing Dollars.
  • Students, Faculty and Staff may use their existing UNI to purchase Printing Dollars.
  • Library Guests - Go to the Library Information Office in 201 Butler to obtain your UNI.


The following is debited from your Printing Dollars account upon printing:

  • black & white printers: $0.10 per sheet
  • color printers: $1.00 per sheet


PLEASE NOTE: Printing Dollars are NON-refundable.

Users have two options for purchasing Printing Dollars:

1) Using Credit Card - Purchase Online Here

  • Printing Dollars are sold in $5, $10, $25 and $50 increments, and are added to your account when you see the confirmation message indicating a successful purchase.
  • Credit card holders with non-US/Canadian mailing addresses may experience problems completing transactions. If so, please purchase using FLEX at 202 Philosophy Hall.

2) Using FLEX - In-person at 202 Philosophy Hall - CUIT Service Desk Support Center

  • Hours are Monday-Friday 10am-6pm. Sorry, cash and checks are no longer accepted.
  • FLEX accounts must have credit prior to arrival. Money cannot be added to your FLEX account at 202 Philosophy. For more information on FLEX accounts and how to add money, please visit the FLEX FAQ page.


Purchased Printing Dollars carry over from week to week, as long as your UNI remains valid. If your UNI is no longer valid, your pages will be removed from the system after a period of 1 year. Purchased printing dollars are valid on all black; white and color printers on the NINJa printing system in all;locations

The Medical Center campus no longer uses the Ninja printing system. Pages purchased through uni.columbia.edu will not be available for use on the Medical Center campus. For more information, please visit;the new Pharos website.

Refunds, Credits:

In the event of a printing error (light/no toner, etc.), you may receive credit. Bring the pages in question to 202 Philosophy or to one of our staffed computer labs, located in 251 Engineering Terrace, 213 Butler, or 323 International Affairs (in Lehman Library).