Public Printing

Welcome to the new NINJa Printing System

The NINJa printing system was developed at Columbia to maintain print queues, prevent unecessary printouts, keep track of print quotas and make sure you receive your documents without having to sort through many pieces of paper. The new system has added security, immediate access to page quota information, and allows you to retrieve your files associated with your UNI from any NINJa station. Click here for a complete listing of the printers on the Morningside campus.

If you prefer to send your files from your personal computer, you must add the printer and install printer drivers. Please refer to these directions for adding CUIT NINJa printers to your computer.

To take advantage of the "print anywhere" functionality of new NINJa (to retrieve your files associated with your UNI from any NINJa station) you must create a new account on your computer that matches your UNI.

The following steps show you how to use the system to print your documents at our printing stations.

Step 1

Log in with your UNI and password at the new NINJa login screen to access your files for printing. Your file, if associated with a UNI, will be made available from any new NINJa terminal. (Click here if you are printing from an old NINJa print station.)


Step 2

After successful login, you will see two print file lists. The left column contains files you sent with a valid UNI to the printer you are currently logged in to. The right column contains files you sent with a valid UNI to other NINJa printing stations throughout the Morningside campus.

In order to see the jobs on these lists, you must submit them from a user account on your computer that matches your UNI. Click here to learn how to create a new account on your computer that matches your UNI.

Step 3

Here is a list of command keys to navigate the new NINJa printing system. Left-arrow key selects the left list, right-arrow key selects the right list. Press the down-arrow key to highlight your print job. The enter-key will print the highlighted job without further prompting.

  • NOTE: If you don’t see any of your files ready to print, you may have sent them from a computer that is not configured with your UNI as the account name.  
  • Files submitted from computer lab machines (which require you to log in with your UNI) will appear on this screen.
  • Files sent from the CNET kiosk stations will not appear because they are sent to the NINJa station anonymously.


Step 4

If you cannot find your file, press the tab-key to switch to the Unclaimed jobs list within the NINJa printing system.

Step 5

The Unclaimed jobs list shows all files submitted to the NINJa station that are not associated with a UNI. Use the arrow keys to select your file and press the enter-key to print.

* Just like in the old NINJa system, anyone can print any file found in this list.

Once printed, the file is automatically removed from the queue. If you choose not to print your file, it will disappear from the list in 6 hours.


Step 6

After printing a file from either the initial screen or the Unclaimed jobs list, the NINJa application will return back to the main screen and display your remaining quota.


Step 7

If you send a file to a remote NINJa station, you will be able to reprint the file until it expires from the list on the right side (up to 4 hours). Your file, if associated with a UNI, will be made available from any NINJa terminal.

Files associated with UNIs are protected from the view of others, and are removed from all queues after 4 hours.


Step 8

Press the esc-key to log out when you are done printing your files. If you don't log out, the system will time out after 40 seconds.

The paper in the CUIT printers is solely intended for use in those printers, and it is against CUIT policy to remove this paper for your own printer or for other personal use.