Printing Quotas

Print Quota Details

All students and faculty receive a printing quota on public network printers located across the Morningside and Barnard campuses. Columbia Medical Center maintains its own standalone print quota management system, which CANNOT be used on Morningside or Barnard.

Weekly quotas cycle on Sunday morning between midnight and 2:00 a.m. Quota is measured per sheet of paper printed, not per printed side. Check your printing quota here. If you run out of quota, or your quota is usable only at the School of Social Work, Printing Dollars are available for purchase.

WhoQuota Allotment
Undergraduate Students (Columbia College, Engineering, General Studies, Barnard)100 pages/week + 100-page semester reserve
Graduate Students, School of Continuing Education and American Language Program20 pages/week
Graduate Students with $35 extended accounts (see below)100 pages/week
Faculty and formal Instructors100 pages/week
Student Officers100 pages/week
Staff and Visiting ScholarsNo quota

School of Social Work students receive a printing quota for use on all School of Social Work printers (located in the Social Work building). Semester quotas cycle at the end of a semester and can ONLY be used for black and white printing..

WhoQuota Allotment
School of Social Work Students2500 pages/semester
Non-Social Work AffiliatesNo quota
VisitorsNo quota

Color Printing

There is no allotted quota for printing color pages. Color printing is available in the following locations:

  • 251 Mudd (for general use)
  • 215 International Affairs Building (for numeric and geo-spatial materials)

Printing Dollars

Printing Dollars are used when you need to print but have exceeded your allotted quota, need to print in color, or are not eligible for a print quota. A Printing Dollar is a credit towards printing, at a rate of 10 black-and-white pages or 1 color page per Dollar. Printing Dollars are "durable" - they carry over from week to month for as long as your UNI account remains valid.

PLEASE NOTE: Printing Dollars are NON-refundable.

  • Printing Dollars are sold in $5, $10, $25 and $50 increments, and are added to your account when you see the confirmation message indicating a successful purchase.
  • Credit card holders with non-US/Canadian mailing addresses may experience problems completing transactions. If so, please purchase using FLEX at 202 Philosophy Hall.

Using FLEX - In-person at 202 Philosophy Hall - CUIT Service Desk Support Center

  • Hours are Monday-Friday 10am-6pm. Sorry, cash and checks are no longer accepted.
  • FLEX accounts must have credit prior to arrival. Money cannot be added to your FLEX account at 202 Philosophy. For more information on FLEX accounts and how to add money, please visit the FLEX FAQ page.

Print Output Quality and Credit

While there are no Printing Dollars refunds, we will be happy to credit your quota should printouts come out faded or crumpled. In order to receive credit, bring all substandard printout sheets to the attention of a CUIT staff-person at any of the following locations: 212/213 Butler, 251 Mudd, 323 International Affairs Building, 215 Lehman Library, 202 Philosophy. You will be credited on a one-to-one page basis. Pages must be physically given to the staff-person to receive credit.

Extended Accounts (Please Read Carefully)

Extended accounts are a way for graduate students (only) to temporarily upgrade their printing quota from 20 pages per week to 100 pages per week. Extended account quotas expire from week to week, and don't carry over. Upgrading an extended account attaches a $35 charge to the student's tuition bill. An account upgrade takes effect approximately 2-3 days after the upgrade was submitted, and lasts through the end of the current semester. The $35 charge is NON-refundable and cannot be pro-rated. Graduate students are encouraged to upgrade immediately after the start of the current semester.

Special Note for Specific Groups

Student Officers: TA's formally designated by their department as a Student Officer in the identity management system automatically receive this extended quota, and should not attempt to purchase an upgrade. Student Officers without the extended quota, for fastest resolution, should first speak with their mentor or departmental administrator to confirm their status as formal Student Officers before contacting CUIT.

Teachers College Students: TC students cannot upgrade online. They must purchase the upgrade through the TC IT department.

Social Work Students: Extended quota only applies on Morningside and Barnard public printers.

Graduate students can upgrade a print quota for the semester.

Checking Print Quota Balances and Printing Activity

There are two ways to check your current print quota balances.

ONLINE: Check your print quota balance here, and review a detailed history of your printing and purchasing activity.