About Us

Our Organization

The success of CUIT depends on the people who work here and the direction from our leaders

Senior Leadership

A dedicated team of career IT professionals provide oversight of our services and identify strategic initiatives for the future

Staff Directory

Our committed staff deliver steadfast IT service and innovative solutions


Five office locations throughout Columbia's Morningside and Manhattanville house our hard-working employees

What We Do

We provide Columbia University students, faculty and staff with central computing and communications services including email, telephone service, web publishing, computer labs and electronic classrooms, course management and student information applications, office and administrative applications, and management of the high-speed campus Ethernet and wireless networks. We also manage an array of computer labs, terminal clusters, ColumbiaNet stations, multimedia classrooms, and provide a variety of technical support services.

Projects and Initiatives

We target operationally sound, customer service oriented, and Columbia relevant IT projects to support the University's constant evolution

IT Policies and Strategies

We keep Columbia secure by adhering to official policies and following strategic guidelines

IT Partners at the University

We work closely with your local IT groups across the University to provide strategic alignment on Columbia-wide technological initiatives

CUIT Communications

We inform the Columbia community of IT changes that will impact them and document important guidelines and helpful information on our site

Talent Services

We strive to attract, develop, and cultivate a highly diverse and talented workforce and an environment where people thrive, partnerships prevail, and performance excels.

We are committed to CUIT's ITPRO core values: 

Innovation | Trust | Performance | Respect | One Team

Careers at CUIT

Join us! Our staff supports mission-critical technology for over 40,000 students, faculty and staff and being a University employee offers excellent benefits and unique perks.