PawPrint Printing System

Introducing PawPrint

PawPrint is Columbia University’s printing system at Morningside campus, providing a simple and flexible way to print in a multitude of locations, with both black-and-white and color options. With PawPrint, you can send a document to print from any computer and print it from any PawPrint print station. 

And, using the PawPrint Print Center, you can view your queued print jobs, printing history, available Printing Quotas and Printing Dollars and more. 

Closed captions are available for this video.

Benefits and Features of PawPrint



Upload jobs to print now, select where to print later.
When you submit a document to print, it goes to the cloud-based PawPrint Print Center, and you can then visit any PawPrint station to print.
78 PawPrint stations across Morningside campus, plus 13 at The School of Social Work and 15 at Barnard College. These printers accommodate black-and-white printing.
Color printing is available at Butler 304 and International Affairs 323.
A full list of PawPrint printer station locations is available.
Send print jobs from any Computer Lab workstation, ColumbiaNet Kiosk or personal computer on or off campus.
Support for Computer Lab workstations, ColumbiaNet Kiosks and personal computers remains available. Print jobs can be sent to the cloud from off-campus, but can only be printed on campus from a PawPrint station.
Use your Weekly/Semesterly Print Quota(s) or purchase supplemental Printing Dollars.
Printing Dollars can be added within the PawPrint Print Center.
Current print job activity and print job history is available as well as a record of fund activity.
This information can be viewed in the PawPrint Print Center. When you log in, the default view is the Job List page, which shows a list of any uploaded documents not yet printed. The Activity page shows a list of documents already printed and any fund activity related to your account (i.e., any Printing Dollars added.)
Account balances are always available.
The PawPrint Print Center gives immediate, 24/7 access to your print quota and Printing Dollars balances.
Ability to print large files.PawPrint supports the printing of documents up to 50MB in size.
Account credit available in the event of print failure.
Account credit may be applied after speaking with a Computer Lab representative.
Cost per printing:
1 black-and-white sheet: $0.10.
1 color sheet: $1.00 (single-sided only)
Color printing is available at Butler 304 and International Affairs 323.

Help and resources to get you started:

Instructions for printing from a PawPrint station