Public Printing

PawPrint is Columbia University’s student and faculty printing system on the Morningside campus.


PawPrint provides students with a simple and flexible way to print in many locations around the Morningside campus. PawPrint conserves paper by defaulting to double-sided printing, and the two-step submit and release system allows you to think twice before printing. In the 2016-2017 academic year, 20% of submitted documents were never released (printed), saving over 7 million sheets of paper!

The most convenient way to print is to install the PawPrint print driver on your personal computer or laptop.

Benefits and Features of PawPrint


It depends on the type of systems you are using to print from your Mac:

  1. For those who encounter this error when printing with Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 + PawPrint Print Driver, you should upload your document to PawPrint's Print Center instead.
  2. For those who encounter this error when printing a PDF with the Preview application or a browser application + PawPrint Print Driver, you should download Adobe Acrobat DC for Mac and open the PDF and then open the file via Adobe Acrobat and print using the PawPrint Driver.

Faculty and staff can use PawPrint by purchasing Printing Dollars. In some cases, faculty are provided with a Printing Quota by their school, which can be used to print with PawPrint.

Error pop-up: No suitable printer available: The selected printer does not support some of your print job’s attributes

PawPrint only supports Letter size printing (8.5'' x 11''). Tabloid (11'' x 17'') is available in Dodge 701. Print jobs formatted on other paper sizes may fail to print. To correct this for other locations, you will need to save the document on the correct paper size (legal) and resubmit the job to PawPrint.

Yes. Print jobs can printed from off-campus by using a PawPrint print driver (recommended), however the driver must be downloaded and installed while you are connected to the internet through Columbia's wired or Wi-Fi network so that your computer can communicate with the PawPrint print server.

If you are off-campus and unable to download a driver, then you can upload your document into the PawPrint Print Center or via the Pharos Print app from off-campus, and then log in to one of the PawPrint stations when you reach campus to print and pick up your document.

Much like printing via the PawPrint Print Center, you can upload a document to the PawPrint queue with your iOS or Android mobile device with the Pharos Print App. After your document is uploaded, you will need to release it at at PawPrint Station on campus.

Currently, PawPrint drivers are not supported on the Linux platform. However, Linux users can easly upload print jobs to the PawPrint Print Center using a web browser.

CUIT weekly quotas reset between Saturday night and Sunday morning; specifically on every Sunday at 12:10am, just after midnight.

Semesterly quotas reset on the first day of each semester.

While emails can be printed with PawPrint in the same way as any other document, PawPrint does not currently support printing by emailing a document to a printing address. Documents may be printed by uploading to the PawPrint Print Center from your computer or movile device, or using the PawPrint printer driver from an open application on a personal or CUIT-provided computer. Detailed instructions are available on the PawPrint Quick Start page.

Color printing is available at both Butler 304 and International Affairs 323, single-sided, for one dollar per sheet. When printing in color, you must use the PawPrint color print driver.

Yes. After you upload the document to the PawPrint Print Center, you can change the range of pages to be printed, pages per side, and amount of copies, on the Print Options section of the PawPrint Print Center.

Printing multiple pages (up to 16) on a single side of a sheet is possible in PawPrint, but requires that you print using the PawPrint driver, rather than upload the document to the PawPrint Print Center. By using the driver, you will have access to a multitude of printing options that are simply not available using the PawPrint Print Center. For instructions on printing with the PawPrint driver, visit the PawPrint Quick Start Guide.

If your print job fails to complete successfully, due to an issue with the PawPrint system, PawPrint will automatically identify the job as failed and mark the job as a "Free Print" in the PawPrint Print Center as well as on the PawPrint station screen. You can then print the job within 8 hours of the print failure from any other PawPrint station without incurring additional charges against your Quota or Printing Dollars.

If your job fails because of a printer-specific issue, such as a printer jam, PawPrint will not automatically credit you for a free print. In these cases, you will need to speak to a Computer Lab representative who can assist you and credit your account if applicable. You can also use the PrinterFix app to notify a technician of the printer issue.

When you upload a PDF to PawPrint Print Center, some web browsers use their own PDF renderers, rather than Adobe's, resulting in printing issues with PDFs that are incompatible to PawPrint. Google’s Chrome is a good example of a widely-used browser that uses a non-Adobe PDF renderer.

Opening the PDF document on your computer and printing using the PawPrint driver is the safest way to avoid this issue.

Funds are added via the “Add Funds” link within the PawPrint Print Center.

You have 8 hours to print after uploading a document in PawPrint.

No. After you print a document, it will no longer be available in your print queue. If you want to print the document again, you will need to submit the print job again.

If your print job fails or cannot be printed because of a printer jam, toner issue, or other problem with the printer itself, use our mobile-friendly web application, PrinterFix, to report the problem. Instructions are available for adding PrinterFix to the home screen of your mobile device as well, providing a convenient way to report printer issues from anywhere.

Once purchased, Printing Dollars are non-refundable. In certain cases of printer malfunction, account credit may be applied after speaking with a Computer Lab representative.